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ELI Publishing - planowane Webinaria i warsztaty

Opublikowano: mar 16, 2021

Kategorie: Prezentacje i recenzje

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z listą darmowych Webinariów, które ELI Publishing przygotowało w najbliższych miesiącach dla nauczycieli i lektorów. O możliwości rejestracji na poszczególne wydarzenia będziemy informować Państwa za pośrednictwem portalu Facebook.

Zapraszamy do śledzenia naszego profilu, aby być na bieżąco! 

Philip Kerr

Speaking: feedback vs. correction (online and off)

Feedback and correction are often seen as the same thing, but feedback that leads to learning often does not involve correction.

This webinar will explore what is known about what effective feedback is (and is not) and the purposes it can serve.

After looking at a number of practical ideas, we will turn to considering how best to approach feedback on students’ speaking in online contexts.

24th March 2021 5.00 p.m. Rome Time Zone

Andy Cowle

Connectivity and Creativity! 10 Ways to Adapt Your Coursebook for Teaching Remotely (Primary)

Even in a pre-lockdown, normal, physical primary classroom, teachers have always adapted or supplemented their coursebooks to suit the interests and levels of their classes, and to make English fun. It’s a necessary and instinctive part of the role of teaching young learners to bring creativity, imagination and personalisation to every lesson. Now, teaching remotely, we must dig deeper and build on our teaching experience and be the same expert in English as before, the same role model as before, but adapt some more to teach online and keep children engaged and motivated. This practical session looks at ways to bring your coursebook to life when teaching via video online.

31st March 2021 5.00 p.m. Rome Time Zone

Paolo Iotti

The use of card games in the language classroom.

Why do people give up learning languages? The initial challenge may be intimidating, boring instead of motivating; perhaps because it is often taught passively through rules. Great news: card games for language learning can help you overcome all these difficulties. They are engaging for students of all ages with similar goals and are above all… entertaining!

14th April 2021 5.00 p.m. Rome Time Zone

Andy Cowle

Watch this! 10 Ways to Teach Speaking and Writing Skills Online Using Film and Video

Teachers and learners today live in an audio-visual world more than ever before, thanks to the internet and especially the dominance of YouTube, Vimeo and other video streaming platforms. It is a logical teaching step, therefore, to utilise this meaningfully in our classes. It is especially useful when motivating students to read more, or simply see English in familiar contexts in a familiar medium with crosscultural and cross-curricular benefits.

In this practical session, we will explore ways to teach reading and writing skills remotely with video at all levels with students of all ages.

28th April 2021- 5.00 p.m. Rome Time Zone

Jane Cadwallader

The Place of Readers in Language Learning.

Enabling children to read books in a language they are learning is a lifelong gift which teachers can give to their classes. It helps learners to be autonomous and acquire language in their own time and at their own pace.

It also develops self-awareness and humour and awakens interest in other cultures and realities. But to get pleasure from books we need to be good readers. This talk will look at practical ideas on how teachers can help children to choose their books and how they can guide them to enjoying and getting the most out of reading.

12th May 2021- 5.00 p.m. Rome Time Zone